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How to keep the smooth surface of steel castings?

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How to keep the smooth surface of steel castings?
When producing steel castings, due to a number of factors that may make the surface of the steel castings less smooth, that is, the surface of the steel castings will be rough, how can this be effectively avoided? Let's give you a brief explanation.
Among all kinds of castings, mechanical castings have the largest variety, the most complex shape, and the largest amount, accounting for about 60% of the total output of steel castings. In the casting process of steel casting production, mold cracking, sand casting on the surface of steel castings, sand washing and other defects are very common. As a result, the appearance quality is very poor, which not only increases the workload of cleaning and finishing, but also Compared with foreign products, it is dwarfed. It is impossible to determine what level of dimensional accuracy can be achieved based on a large amount of test data.
In the production of steel castings, not only the quality should be emphasized, but also the surface of the products is very important. How to solve the rough surface of the steel castings? Annealing of the casting of the machine bed: The casting is subjected to two artificial aging treatments to remove internal stress. The internal structure of the steel casting is stable and not easily deformed. The oversized machine tool bed castings can be spliced ​​and made, and the castings can be cast separately. The whole process is processed during processing to ensure the accuracy of installation and use.
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